Racing Flag Ready: Essentials for the Australian Grand Prix

Racing Flag Ready: Essentials for the Australian Grand Prix

Racing Flag Ready: Essentials for the Australian Grand Prix

Quickly approaching for 2020 is one of the most glamorous events on the Melbourne social calendar, the Australian Grand Prix.

Regardless if you are a F1 fan or not, it’s hard to avoid the hype and thrills of fast cars and champagne on Grand Prix weekend.

Chances are you will find yourself scrambling for a last minute ticket or hitting up one of Melbourne’s bars to absorb the excitement. The Watch Factory has prepared the ultimate go to guide for you to enjoy all of the action at this year’s Grand Prix.

Where to Hang Out?

We know that most people won’t have access to a corporate box to enjoy the race in style, so we recommend hanging out in the following locations to enjoy all the glitz and glamour that the Australian Grand Prix can offer.


Start-Finish Straight

A ticket along the Start-Finish straight will place you in the middle of the action. From here you will be able to watch the build up to the race, the much anticipated start, all the pitstops and podium celebrations from the comfort of your seat.

Turns 1 & 2

Chances are Turns 1 & 2 are where some serious overtaking will occur. Don’t blink your eyes or check your phone as you might miss some of the race highlights.

Turn 1 of the Australian Grand Prix. Credit: Flickr

Turn 15

The slowest corner on the track is Turn 15, which is fantastic for taking some snaps for Instagram. Because after all if it’s not on social media were you really at the Grand Prix.



Let’s be real - the social side of the Grand Prix is just as important as the big race itself.

Make Heineken ® Village a meeting spot for you and your mates and enjoy a cold drink before the race begins.

Heineken ® Saturday is back and bigger than ever before. Enjoy global acts Robbie Williams and Peking Duk.

Local Pubs and Bars

If you haven’t secured tickets to the main event, it’s almost a safe guarantee that most pubs and bars in Melbourne will have the big race on.

The Watch Factory’s top tip is no matter what bar or club you choose, make sure you get there early to secure pole position in front of the TV, as you can expect venues to be packed.


How to dress?

Are you torn between wanting to wear your F1 merchandise or should you dress to impress?

Unless you are a die-hard fan of F1 and already own some merchandise, we suggest that you dress casual with clever accessorising. But keep in mind that Melbourne’s weather can be hot-and- sunny one moment and cold the next.

For men, be sure to dress it up with a-collared shirt and you should be set for the day. For ladies make the most of the warmer days and rock a dress or skirt while the weather still permits.

Remember to be clever with accessories to spice up your outfit. Sunglasses will be essential so you can keep your eyes on the race, along with a watch so you can keep track of the fastest laps.

However, if you were still wanting to show some support for the F1’s, look no further than the Ferrari Scuderia watches. The perfect way to show some support, but still look casual.

       Not sure what to wear? look no further than Ferrari Scuderia watches!
       The perfect way to show some support. Credit: Flickr

Or if you are more of a fan of Team Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, be sure to rock a Tommy Hilfiger watch. You will notice the famous Tommy Hilfiger stripes on the Mercedes vehicle.

It goes without saying, comfortable shoes are a key part of any Grand Prix outfit. You will likely spend a large part of the day on your feet absorbing the electric energy that the Grand Prix has to offer, so make sure you choose a pair that you know your feet will be happy in.

The Verdict?

The ideal finish would be an exciting last lap thriller and the Australian crowd is up on their feet cheering homeboy Daniel Riccardio on to victory.

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